Queensland Floods: “God’s Punishment for Sydney Mardi Gras”

While the Brisbane River peaked under the 1974 record, some superconservative American church blames the gays for the floods in Queensland. The Philadelphia Church of God thinks the floods are God’s punishment for Aussies organizing Sydney Mardi Gras.

Australia’s ‘Biblical Disaster’, Ron Fraser, The Trumpet, 11.01.2011


Queensland’s floods are but one in a series of penalties being paid by just one Anglo-Saxon nation for its rebellion against the Most High! If you can see this, then it’s time to batten down your spiritual hatches. God says of the rebellious house of Israel—and specifically to Australia, a country that hosts one of the world’s most infamous annual homosexual Mardi Gras—”For their vine is worse than the vine of Sodom, and of the fields of Gomorrah—to me belongs vengeance and recompense … for the day of their calamity is at hand, and the things that come upon them make haste” (verses 32-35).


How can someone believe, let alone write such nonsense? What angers me, is that organisations such as this Church capitalises on other peoples’ distress. It’s disgusting, dishonest and disgraceful.

The floods have natural, meteorological and climatic causes. And Queensland will be cleaned by real people doing hard work. Nothing more and nothing less.

I wish the Queenslanders much courage for rebuilding their homes, neighbourhoods and infrastructure.


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7 Responses to Queensland Floods: “God’s Punishment for Sydney Mardi Gras”

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  2. unknowntheartist says:

    Isn’t it terrible how these organisations can find the time to disrespect people dying and losing their homes by calling these floods punishment, yet they call themselves Christians. People like these hinder religious freedom and make it hard for people to take Christianity seriously with comments like these.

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  4. Karl Baron van Schneidauer says:

    Indeed a terrible punishment !

    Let’s hope people will repent and change their ‘lifestyle’ …

    God has always used nature to punish sinners …

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  6. myfanwe says:

    And God obviously knows as little about Australian geography as these American “christians” if he would punish Queensland, for New South Wales’ “sin” *eyeroll*

    The floods were a natural disaster which has nothing to do with any of the activities of the Australian people. This kind of thing makes me embarrassed to call myself a Christian.

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