Australian Customs: What can you bring into Australia?

I stopped blogging here way back in 2011. But I started Trip By Trip. You find a much needed update with new information there.


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15 Responses to Australian Customs: What can you bring into Australia?

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  2. jean says:

    i wish to bring a christmas cake cooked and in a tin also a tin of biscutes is this ok

  3. Jacqueline G. Longakit says:

    Is homemade fruitcake allowed to bring as a present to my host in Australia. Pls feedback I am going Brisbane via Melbourne on Dec. 4, 2012. I am from the Philippines. Thank you so much.

  4. Anna says:

    hi i would like to send a food parcel to my friend in the Meldives what and what not can a send

  5. beatriz says:

    Its allowed to bring nuts and dates? ,which is fully sealed from..airport.

  6. Can I take vogels bread into Australia? thanks

  7. Jenny Bazley says:

    Can I take rock through Australian customs

  8. Denise Stone says:

    Can I bring a nautilus shell found in 2005 in South Africa by my daughter in law who is an Australian citizen into Australia? The shell has been thoroughly cleaned

  9. That’s the rule in importing to Australia, they need documents and proof and they must be informed whenever new products is imported. The products needs to be thoroughly checked and quarantined, so some shipping firm like us needs to deal with this process.

  10. David McFarlane says:

    Can my aunt bring scotts porridge oats back to austraila?

  11. Marguerite Burton says:

    I would like to take a Christmas Pudding to my brother in Perth next month. It has already been cooked for seven hours. It would seem that this will be fine but in the hold or in flight? It is about kilo in weight.

  12. Jan van Gelder says:

    Can I bring Dutch cheese into Australia from Holland?

  13. Shar Wall says:

    Can you take a cooked meat pie into Australia please??

  14. Mikaela olsson says:

    Hi my name is Mikaela. I just wonder. My mum is coming down here from Sweden. And she was planing to take some Swedish candy to me. But how much can she take with her

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