Visiting Melbourne

So, let me elaborate on my first days in Melbourne. After a comfy journey from Brussels to Melbourne, I was greeted by Chris and Luke at the airport. It was late night so Friday was I suppose uneventful.

After two hours of sleep – blame jet lag – Chris and Luke showed me around Melbourne.

  • Coastal Saint Kilda,
  • The National Gallery of Victoria (Ian Potter Center) with Australian art,
  • Lt. Bourke Street, which you could compare with London’s Oxford Street,
  • Some arcades,
  • Center Place,
  • Victoria Parliament,
  • Fitzroy Park.

On Saturday night C&L threw me a ‘barbecue’ which we did inside as it was chill. Well, the locals thought so… lol.

The plan was to go out at The Peel, a gay night club. But we were tired and frankly a bit too tipsy to get there. I’ll check out the gay scene later.

Today, Sunday, after four hours of sleep, we saw

  • Queen Victoria Market,
  • I bought shorts (yes, I’m wearing shorts),
  • Collingwood, where we had lunch and which is a bohemian arty chic neighbourhood,
  • South Bank
  • The Australian Open Arena
  • The Melbourne Cricket Ground, home of AFL and the 1956 Olympics.

Now Luke is cooking kangaroo.

It’s all in a nutshell, I know. I’m really fond of Melbourne. It’s a mix of modernism and colonial heritage. Melbourne is cosmopolitan but very ‘manageable’.

Bring on tomorrow!


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🇧🇪 Hobby journalist for @beoutbe, blogger @tripbytriporg, keen vexillologist, train conductor NMBS/SNCB, traveller, F1 follower, friend of Dorothy.
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