The Red Center is green

Today – Thursday 17 February – I did the West MacDonnell tour. I got see gorgeous gorges, splendid splits and gasping gaps. I found the Red Center to be very green, which is due to the excessive rain which has hit the area last winter (our summer) and present summer (our winter).

So the scenic scenes I have been photographing are rather green instead of deserty red.

This was a one-day tour and my tour companions were all older than me. There was a 30-something couple from Utrecht (Dutchies are everywhere), a Yugoslavian mamma who immigrated a long time ago and who insisted to take photos of everyone. With our own cameras, she was no perv. No worries.

Tomorrow I will see Uluru!


About Timothy

🇧🇪 Hobby journalist for @beoutbe, blogger @tripbytriporg, keen vexillologist, train conductor NMBS/SNCB, traveller, F1 follower, friend of Dorothy.
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