Going out at The Beat Mega Club, Brisbane – clubbing early is possible!

Local communications and media boy David was so kind to take me out on Saturday, after Wicked. He took me along at The Beat, a very trendy club at the junction of Ann Street and Brunswick Street. That is the club area. You see bars next to clubs next bars next to clubs.

The Beat has a very hip and mixed crowd. And it really is truly mixed. Not the “mixed” you read in commercial publications to attract people. There were straight boys and girls, small tattooed lesbians, indie gay boys.

What do the young hipster queers wear? Skinny jeans, baggy singlets, t-shirts or shirts with bow ties. Bow ties are omnipresent with the twinks. They have hair like Xavier Dolan (google him) or a fringe. And they grow a moustache. A Bent Van Looy moustache (just google him). I’m not convinced that works.

The music? From techno/beats to Lady Gaga and BitBit.

Drinks? I didn’t see Amaretto, so I drank Smirnoff Ice (the good ole days). $13 (€8.33). Alcohol is expensive. The entry fee was $12 (€8), but you don’t pay Madame Pipi and you don’t tip the bouncer. You can also get ice water for free!

The club is smoke free, except in the smoking area. You may not drink on the dance floor. This pushes people to dance. I had the same experience in Dublin.

Early clubbing

Clubs start at 8pm. When I arrived at 11pm people danced! Brissie club kids go out early. Clubs close at 5am though.


T prevent clubbers moving from one club to another and so cause mayhem on the streets, there’s a lockdown at 3am. You can stay, but no-one else gets in. I’m sure our club owners would love that.

Clubbing in Brissie was an experience. I wonder how Sydney will be.


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🇧🇪 Hobby journalist for @beoutbe, blogger @tripbytriporg, keen vexillologist, train conductor NMBS/SNCB, traveller, F1 follower, friend of Dorothy.
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