Magnetic Island, Townsville and the Great Barrier Reef

Honestly, Townsville has not much to offer. Cairns is apparently the place to be Reefwise. But I didn’t know that when I booked. So here I am.

I arrived here on Monday and the city was dead. My accommodation is too far from the city centre and public transportation is chaotic and expensive. But closer accommodation received really bad reviews online and by the people I went snorkelling today.

That was the disappointing part.

Magnetic Island

Magnetic Island or Maggie Island as it is called here is an odd place. It’s beautiful and tropical, with remote and deserted paradise beaches like Florence Bay. On the other hand it has tacky Las Vegas style family entertainment. But it’s a very picturesque place.

Snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef

I was a bit worried about the snorkelling.

  • I have an open blister and that was going to hurt.
  • I’m more a pool than a sea person (the salt).
  • I’m not a boy scout, trained at doing “adventurous” activities.
  • I’m not a hero.

Well guess what. My blister didn’t hurt in the seawater, and I saw amazing pieces of Reef with colourful florae and faunae. It was amazing. I did not find Nemo, but I saw other animals.

Tomorrow I fly to Newcastle.


About Timothy

🇧🇪 Hobby journalist for @beoutbe, blogger @tripbytriporg, keen vexillologist, train conductor NMBS/SNCB, traveller, F1 follower, friend of Dorothy.
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