Not so gay Australia II

One reads about gay youth kicked out by their parents for being gay, but this is the first time it happened in my circle of friends.

First B. had to go quiet and cut all communications via Twitter and Facebook because his parents had discovered he was gay. His parents are Jehova’s Witnesses. Now, about a week ago, B. received an ultimatum from his parents: stop any contact with his wicked gay friends or leave the parental home.

This was a bluff of course, but B. called their bluff. He moved out and now lives in a cute little flat in Brisbane. He has many friends who are helping him out, such as Niccy and Cameron.

B. had a comfortable life at home. A big TV, a flashy Mitsubishi Lancer, good food and wine… But his dad cut him off. The car is sold (given the cost of the lease, not a bad thing), and the locks are changed.

So now B. has to make an appointment to pick up the rest of his belongings. Mummy is tears but she doesn’t protest daddy’s actions. They still want him back, but B. will not give up who and what he is. He has tasted freedom and will not give that up.

I was very happy to meet Niccy, Cameron and B. on Sunday. B looked happy. He’s such a sweet boy and I’m happy he left the family. I miss these guys already.

This is 2011, Australia is a modern, evolved country. This shouldn’t happen anymore. But Luke told me many people still go to church or temple every week. Even young people. As in American films. In Belgium, only 5% says going to church regularly…


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3 Responses to Not so gay Australia II

  1. @thepiecemaker says:

    It is dreadfully sad that this still does happen. I do some work for a LGBT Youth website and some of the stories are just appalling. Australia has always had an image of being easy going; we’ll take the piss out of anyone but not really mean it sort of thing. The sad reality is that there is a strong conservative bent to Australian society.

    I grew up in a religion that goes so far as to forbid television etc. I got my fair share of threats and intimidation. If my parents had not already had cause to question their beliefs (father is still a member, mother is not) I may well have been in the same boat. Many Australians particularly in the city don’t seem to realise that this does still go on.

    All the best to the young fellow and I hope his life far outshines that of his unfortunate parents.

  2. Jay says:

    Only 9% of Australians regularly go to Church. Though 20% of Australians describe themselves as practicing Christians.

    JWs are pretty tough on this. I was raised JW so know what your friend is going through. I hope he’s okay and he’s in my thoughts!

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