Sydney Mardi Gras 2011: a review (+ video)

This year’s Sydney Mardi Gras was my first. Which I can’t compare to previous ones. But I was impressed by the organisation and the effort of the participants.

Groups rehearse a routine, they decorate their truck, they what they will say. The theme this year was “Say Something”.

Many floats with diverse backgrounds paraded. No-one was left out.

Because there are elections in New South Wales, Mardi Gras was quite politicized. Labor, the Liberals, the Democrats and the Greens paraded. Lord Mayor Clover Moore (a woman)is also a candidate for the Legislative Assembly of NSW and she brought a significant float. She also had something to say.

As I said, it’s very well organised. You have to be on Oxford Street as early as 5pm to get a good spot. But crowds stay calm. The police (1,000 officers) and many volunteers keep an eye on everyone. Alcohol was banned in the Alcohol Free Zones. The police also did a large drug bust.

1,400 volunteers support the events. NSW officials conduct a spending behaviour survey with the visitors. People are disciplined… it’s quite amazing.

I loved Mardi Gras. It’s fabulous, it’s big, it’s well done, it’s fun.

I’ll talk about the party later. I’m to tired to write good sentences. In the mean time, look at the photos.


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