Gay Sydney

Gay Sydney is much more than Mardi Gras parade and party. It’s a very diverse scene on and around Oxford Street and elsewhere.

Oxford Street has lost its golden age I’m told, but is still the centre of gay bars and clubs in Sydney. You will also find bookstores (The Bookshop Darlinghurst), underwear (Aussie Boys Sydney) and fashion shops, gay friendly cafés and restaurants, …

Go for drinks at The Colombian Hotel and go club at ARQ, Stonewall, Nevermind or The Midnight Shift. Most clubs have themed nights and ‘their’ crowd.

There’s no lockdown in Sydney, so you can move freely. As usual, there are entry fees and alcohol can be quite expensive.

I was in Sydney during Mardi Gras so I haven’t tasted the usual scene. But I found it quite hard to make contact with the party crowd. I’m told gay Sydneysiders are quite cliquey. They go out in group and stick with this group.

I’ll just have to go back with my own clique and not during Mardi Gras time.


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  5. kunalalld says:

    Great such an awesome Gay clubs in Sydney where you feel delighted and enjoy all the night with your partner. A big thanks from me for such gay clubs in sydney.

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