10.02: Brussels – London – Hong Kong – Melbourne.
11.02: Melbourne.
15.02: Melbourne – Alice Springs.
16.02: Three-day camping trip around Uluru (Ayers Rock).
19.02: Alice Springs – Brisbane + Wicked.
20.02: Brisbane.
21.02: Brisbane – Townsville.
22.02: Magnetic Island (Great Barrier Reef).
23.02: Townsville – Newcastle.
24.02: Newcastle.
27.02: Newcastle – Canberra.
28.02: Canberra.
02.03: Canberra – Sydney.
03.03: Sydney.
05.03: Sydney Mardi Gras Parade.
07.03: Sydney – Melbourne.
10.03: Melbourne – Hong Kong – London – Brussels.
11.03: Home.

Pretty packed, but I want to make the best of it.


4 Responses to Itinerary

  1. Team Oyeniyi says:

    Pretty packed? Well, I’m impressed you have allowed a month – clearly you did some research. So many people think that can do Australia in 10 days or something equally ridiculous!

    Leaves you the other half of the country for your next trip!

    • TBJ says:

      Indeed. One forgets Australia is more a continent than only a country. I’ll have to do the North and the West another time. It’s hard to estimate how much time I need or like in one place or other. But I think I ‘ll be OK. šŸ™‚

  2. Hugo Brown says:

    5 days is too long for sydney, you can do most tourist sites in cple days, I think you should use them days and head to Adelaide for couple days and then go onto melbourne haha.

    Im sure you will enjoy the trip DOWN UNDER, its great to see you have done
    abit of research. And hope you enjoy my hometown of Melbourne truely is better than Sydney although probably not as flashy but if you like Art then its a city for you.

    • TBJ says:

      It’s funny, as others said 5 days in Sydney is not enough. I’ll be partying at Mardi Gras and I want to spend a couple of hours at Bondi Beach. Plus all the rest. So I think I’ll be fine with 5 days.

      I’m not sure there’s room left for Adelaide…

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